Sonntag, 7. Februar 2016

The Wheel

Bildergebnis für vintage beach party

Adams posting a few days ago that until now he didn't posted anything by PJ Harvey before made me think about my last posting about PJ Harvey. Too my shame I've to admit that it was none at all. So here is the new single from her upcoming album The Hope Six Demolition Project. It is as we expected - based on a solid ground of acoustic guitar and drums with some riffs from an electric guitar PJ's voice guides us to some things that went wrong these days. The video is a compilation of impressions she and the photo-journalist Seamus Murphy took when they visited Kosovo. 


TheRobster hat gesagt…

Wonderful stuff. From the little that I've heard of the new material, I think the new album could be right up there as one of her best.

The Swede hat gesagt…

Marvellous. This is surely going to be one of the albums of 2016.

George hat gesagt…

This is very good, and here's hoping the rest of the album's like this.