Sonntag, 14. Februar 2016

Chasing God Through Palmyra

Bildergebnis für vintage sports

I have to admit that I love the music of Nils Frahm. He's a German pianist and composer living now in Berlin. From his younger days he was trained into classical piano playing. Later he discovered a Fender Rhodes and loops for his music. All in all it's a kind of quiet music. I used to listen to this mostly later on the evening. A few month ago he released some outtakes from sessions he made with his school-mates almost ten years ago under the name Nonkeen. They accepted for their songs only one take and the result is often random but never bad. Chasing God Through Palmyra is like an electrical trip through post Krautrock and new electronic.

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The Swede hat gesagt…

Very dark Walter. I like it.