Sonntag, 21. Februar 2016

Mike Patton On Sunday

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A few days ago I read an interview with Mike Patton about his work and life. You might know him as the singer from Faith No More but I was astonished about his complete work and collaborations. I first recognized him when my local record dealer recommended the first record by Mr. Bungle to me. I think it was in the early 90s when everything was possible in mu sic. It was a record full of ideas and new sounds. Produced by John Zorn it was a mixture of metal, jazz, noise, ska and dub. Not easy to listen to the first time but the vocals were very unique. Later he joined Faith No More and left them years ago to join another bands like Tomahawk and Fantômas always searching for new sounds between pop and rock.

In 2010 he released a record as Mondo Cane covering Italian pop songs from the 50s/60s and songs by Ennio Morricone with a 40 piece orchestra.

This is a classic tune by Mr. Bungle - not typical but I still like this song.

Now he is a member of a collective called Nevermen

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