Montag, 20. Mai 2024

Monday's Long Song


Back in 1990 Bristol's The Aeroplanes released in my opinion their masterpiece Swagger, an album of jangly guitar sound with mostly spoken lyrics. I don't really know if they were in UK as big as in Germany these days but you could hear this music in almost every pub. Seldom before and after I listened to a guitar-rock album with pure joy (except Sugar's Copper Blue). Swagger is a guitar-led album somewhere between guitar-driven bands like Big Country and the upcoming shoe-gaze like Ride. The guitar carries catchy melodies and not the voice. Something unusual for the time. Sure an album that stood the test of times.

The Blue Aeroplanes - What It Is

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JC hat gesagt…

Swagger is a record I only properly discovered a couple of years ago when it was re-released by Past Night From Glasgow and I was given a copy as part of my subscription. It's very good......