Montag, 6. Mai 2024

Monday's Long Song


Bristol Archive Records is a record label dealing with Bristol post-punk, rock and reggae from 1977 onward. During the last years they released several superb compilations featuring local bands. What all the albums have in common is that they offer a good overview of the local music scene and that there are hidden treasures to be discovered. I have to admit that many of the bands are unknown to me and I'm all the more pleased that there has always been a scene in Bristol that wasn't dominated by trip hop and drum 'n' base. For the last Record Store Day the label re-released again their compilation Bristol Roots Explosion featuring British reggae from the 40 years ago. Mostly in the tradition of bands like Black Uhuru but this was the kind of reggae we used to hear and made me dive deeper into this kind of music. Talisman's Dole Age is one of the highlights on this compilation for me. 

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Ernie Goggins hat gesagt…

You're right Walter, it is an excellent compilation.