Sonntag, 26. Mai 2024

(Not Really) New Song On Sunday


Yesterday our friend SWC over at No Badger Required featured in his superb series an album by Conner Bright Eyes. Listening to it again it made me want to listen to Phoebe Bridgerss debut from 2017 Stranger In The Alps because she worked and toured with him. Bridgers is a American singer/songwriter with a classic education as a jazz singer and her songs are much different to the songwriter genre because her songs are well arranged and non-typical instruments like strings, bells and some low guitars were included to her sound. Her debut got many critical acclaim but she never reached the top. Now she's active with Boygenius, another three-girl indie-folk band that was featured at this place several times. I thought it is fair to play this song in this series because I rediscovered it after years and it sounds new.

Not only that she writes great songs with intelligent lyrics, she is also able to create with her brother some outstanding videos that sometimes are far beyond the average viewing habits.

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Khayem hat gesagt…

Great choice, Walter. By coincidence, Phoebe appears in my Dubhed selection today, where I note that I don't have much of her music and need to address this!