Freitag, 10. Mai 2024

Steve Albini


Yesterday the sad news arrived that Steve Albini passed away during a heart attack at the age of 61. Albini was a producer (even he didn't like this word) for many bands during the last decades no matter which country they come from or what kind of music they play. To list up all the albums he sat on the controllers would go beyond the scope of this article. Yesterday JC and Khayem wrote excellent tributes to him and his work. What should not be forgotten, however, is that he was also an excellent musician and kept punk and what it could mean high to this day. In the late 80's he was part of Big Black a band that combined a drum-computer to their punky bass and guitar. An overlooked gem of this era.

Shellac was the band he played with and sadly he passed away shortly before the release of their new album.

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