Freitag, 1. September 2023

You Remind Me Of You


Summer is gone and we have the meteorological autumn right now. I planed to feature some song with the name September in it's title but found nothing worth to be featured as September by Earth Wind And Fire. So I thought what kind of music could be right for the upcoming season and I remembered an artist that accompanied me during the last decades and one I come usually back to in the second half of the year. For those who didn't know him, Robin Hitchcock was the leading figure of the Soft Boys, a proto punk band of the late 70s who released with Underwater Moonlight the link between psychedelic folk and the upcoming new era of punk. During the decades since then he moved into a singer/songwriter genre and released a couple of great records. Many of them are worth to be listened but Luxor, released 20 years ago shows him at the peak of his career. An album filled with great songs and instrumentals that could warm you when it is cold and rainy outside. 

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