Montag, 18. September 2023

Monday's Long Song


The recent days I got the news that The Who released Who's Next | Life House as a 10-CD-box after more than 50 years of it's original release. Townshend describes Life House in his introduction to the new editions as a portentous polemic about the coming of a nation beaten down by climate issues an pollution. He then explains how an opportunist and autocratic government enforce a national lock-down in which every person is hooked up to an entertainment grip.. Music itself becomes an inconvenient diversion, a very real distraction to the subjugation of the population in suits. I didn't listen to these songs in that context but now I can see his intention in various songs. Anyway, Who's Next is the last great album they made. Everything else later didn't fit to my musical taste any more, although it wasn't worse. Listening to the demo of Baba O'Riley shows once again Pete's ability of songwriting and I ask myself why I should have to wait for decades to listen to this version. But better late than never.

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