Sonntag, 17. September 2023

Dark Mambo


Three years ago Velvet Desert Music Vol. 2 was on heavy rotation since the date of it's release. Now Cologne's finest record label for new electronic music announced that Vol. 3 will be released in almost four weeks. One of the reasons why I liked to hear the previous album again and again is that over the full length of the double album, a sound was generated that made me dream of width. The combination of cinematic Morricone based western music, ambient and psychedelic was the perfect sound for late evening. Now the mastermind Jörg Burger and his crew are back with a new album and new artists hopefully doing an excellent job once again. The only song that is able to be heard in advance is Dark Mambo by French guitarist Seb Martel. In his music you can find elements of chansons and French pop as well as world music. Listening to this song I thought Steely Dan met Brazil musicians. This song with it's saxophone over tribal rhythm and Brazil pop is one the best ones out this year. If the rest of the album is similar to this it will be worth to appear in my years end list.

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