Sonntag, 22. März 2020

Murphy's Law

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Since the days Moloko released their first songs in the early days of the new century I watched the career of Róisin Murphy. Moloko's blending elements of trip hop, electronica and dance were always worth to listen to. Róisin's voice made most of the songs extraordinary and soulful. After a longer hiatus when she born her daughter and son she came back a few years ago and I could see her live. Her voice works on stage as well over electronic beats. Last year she came back with Incapable where she showed her own version of funk and disco. Now she is back with another single and walks forceful her own way of dancefloor music. This is another great song in her career walking the with funk guitars Chic used to play, piano fragments over a stomping disco rhythm with excellent lyrics by the way.

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For the past 2 years. Róisín Murphy has been releasing some of the most exciting dance music. 2018's work with Maurice Fulton was unmatched. Last year's Incapable and Narcissus were Funky Disco future classics and this year's latest, Murphy's Law is drenched in Chic, Donna Summer and even a nod to the Cheri track of the same name from 1982. She is set to make an appearance in my Top 10 for the 3rd year end in a row!