Samstag, 14. März 2020

Ghost Town

Bildergebnis für peking ghostown

In these days when everybody tells us to reduce your social contacts to a necessary minimum it is hard to avoid the news on TV or radio. They are now starting to close down the pubs, schools and cinemas and I really don't know if the mass hysteria because of a virus is legitimate. Or is there a bigger plan behind to keep us under control. I am sure that the winner will those who are engaged in stock markets. When I look outside my window the streets are filled with people going to buy their weekend stuff - now the road is empty and I ask myself what will be the next. Until then I have time enough to read some books and listen to some music.

The Specials - Ghost Town (12 inch single edition)

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Swiss Adam hat gesagt…

Our government are taking a different route which makes me equally suspicious.