Samstag, 26. Oktober 2019

The Foreign Correspondent Returns

Bildergebnis für düsseldorf düsterboys

I used this series a few years ago to introduce worldwide readers to music from Germany. If it was music from the past or it was new didn't mean anything if it was worth to listen to. Now I will use this series if there was something real new from Germany. One of the best albums from German artist last year was by International Music and their lead single was featured here. Now they changed their drummer and added an organist to the band and returned to their former name Düsseldorf Düsterboys. While International Music had rough riffs and a roaring singer now they reduced speed. Most of the songs were built on picked guitar strings and a warmer organ sound. The lyrics are still cryptic and senseless to me but probably gigantic for young people. Anyway, a band that found a sound of their own and they develop it step by step.

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