Montag, 21. Oktober 2019

Monday's Long Song

Bildergebnis für the doors

A few days ago I watched Coppola's movie against war Apocalypse Now once again and it still shows in a radical way an useless war and normal people moving into madness. The beginning and at the end of this movie is shimmed with The Doors epic song The End. Conceived as a another song about a lost love Morrison and Manzarek made a shaman-like excursion into sound. Starting low and measured to erupt in the middle and to slow down again. I can't explain why this untypical song is often named as a trademark of The Doors because most of their songs have a more heavy and bluesy note. Probably just because it is a great song that fits into an era 50 years gone.

The Doors - The End

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The Swede hat gesagt…

Apocalypse Now is one of those films that I daren't try to merely dip into. When I start watching. I'm there for the long haul, every time. It's a remarkable thing and Coppola's use of 'The End' in it is inspired.