Samstag, 5. Oktober 2019


Bildergebnis für family band

A few days ago I was out with a couple of fellows after we moved in into our new building for a few beers to check out the locations around. We found a fine little pub and the music from the radio wasn't too bad. In the background they played a mixture of mass compatible 80's rock sound and I have to agree that we didn't listen much to this because we were all in good conversations. But as I heard the opening of one the worst songs I know I started to listen. I don't like Mike Oldfield's Shadow On The Wall because he tried heavy accords but failed. The only thing this song has a right to exist is the voice of Roger Chapman. When I came home this evening I started to listen to Bandstand, Family's sixth regular album. Family were a progressive rock band from Leicester and had their time for seven years from 1966 on. I liked their sound because it was not only heavy music and they combined other genres like folk, psychedelia and jazz fusion into their sound. But the main ingredient  and trademark was the fabulous voice of Chappo. Something between a shouter for heavy songs but also able to make ballads great with his raspy voice. A good rediscovery for me after ages.

Family - Burlesque
Family - Glove
Family - My Friend The Sun

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