Sonntag, 13. Oktober 2019

Some Dub On Sunday

Bildergebnis für dub spencer and trance hill

To many of you it will be already happened that when you searched for a record in your collection  you find a record that you didn't listen for a long time, grab it and put it on your turntable. This happened to me when I found The Clashification  of Dub an album from 2011 by Dub Spencer and Trance Hill. Inspired by the music of The Clash they transformed their songs into their music they call itself instrumental psychedelic dub-reggae with rock and trance influences. It is always a pleasure to come back to great music.

Dub Spencer & Trance Hill - Guns of Brixton

2 Kommentare:

Swiss Adam hat gesagt…

Very good album Walter.

drew hat gesagt…

Played this album only the other week. As SA says