Mittwoch, 2. Oktober 2019

Back To The Days Of Glam

Bildergebnis für t.rex band

A few days ago some songs from decades ago shuffled up from my mobile phone on my way to work that I didn't listened for a very long time. Songs by Gary Glitter and T.Rex that brought me back to my very young days. Songs that brought back memories when life was easy and I didn't thought about future. It made me thought about all the songs from the early 70's that lead me into music and made the base to explore music from the past and the future and I decided to feature these songs/artists in a new series. Glam was a very British phenomenon in the early 70's. Many were bored of the arty and heavy bands and looked out for something new. Then some bands appeared on the scene that were different, especially the way they used to act in new styles and gambling with non gender attitudes manifesting itself in outrageous clothes, makeup, hairstyles, and platform-soled boots. Glam is most noted for its sexual and gender ambiguity and representations of androgyny, beside extensive use of theatrics.. But the greatest gift they gave me that they brought back simple and native music. I was well informed by the music of the 60's by older friends but the first music that was close to me was Glam. I remember when I first saw Marc Bolan on TV I was speechless. New saw an artist before that was that kind of different to all other artists. He played just in front of his band with his curly hair and glitter in his face. From this time on I was addicted to music. And probably Glam prepared the way to punk.

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The Swede hat gesagt…

My first LP, my first gig. Marc changed my life and turned my black and white life into technicolour. He would've been 72 on September 30th.