Sonntag, 8. Januar 2017

White Noize

Bildergebnis für vintage speedway

Hi all together. I hope all of you are well and you had a great start into this year. I am back after an almost four week break from south-east Asia to refill my battery. It was a peaceful and lazy time down there with nothing more to do than relax, reading a couple of books and sitting by the beach. Now I am ready to continue this blog with new/old songs, stories and thoughts. Let's start with Bonaparte, a project by Tobias Jundt, a Swiss born singer/songwriter. Normally his music could be described as punk influenced folk but his newest single sounds like a bittersweet folksong. Words and music are more than different. If the melodies make you sleepy than the words will make you stay awake. ... it's quiet a bloody mess in here an no one feels responsible the fragmentation of our selves ... / the middle class is fading those friends in higher places ar deceptive clowns parading the cocaine cowboys and the wall street vampires ... A statement about what is wrong. Hope this year will be better than he describes it.

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Happy new year Walter.

This is very good....and as you say let us all hope the year proves better than Bonaparte is indicating in the song.