Samstag, 21. Januar 2017

Line Ekata

Bildergebnis für line ekata

When I was in holidays in Sri Lanka I met local friends that I know about years. One of them is Nuwan working as a DJ down there. Working as a DJ down there means you were booked for beach parties and weddings. A wedding in Sri Lanka means that you show up in the early afternoon to congratulate to the bride and the groom. After all the guest arrived the man disappear to a separate location for a few drinks while the ladies site inside having little conversations. A few hours later they all finish drinking to get something to eat. When late lunch was finished the DJ's appear for couple of hours to get the people dancing. I know Duwan since a couple of years and as we talked about his profession he told me that he realised a record and a video as well. After watching it I offered him the possibility to get featured on this this blog. Now I have to redeem my promise and I offer you a song by a local Sri Lankan musician. For me it is a song that could be played during summer time. Well arranged and produced but no one will know this song without any support.

Enjoy and have a great weekend.

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