Sonntag, 29. Januar 2017

God Only Knows

Bildergebnis für trainspotting 2

A few days ago T2: Trainspotting was released and also the soundtrack to this movie. It took 20 years to make a sequel of one of the best British film ever. I like Trainspotting for its genius combination of visuals and music. And the OST of it is probably the best soundtrack I've heard. Simply a perfect combination of classic songs from different decades. I am not a big fan of sequels but I want to know how the story goes on and if it is different to the novels by Irvine Welsh. The heartbeat of Trainspotting was Underworld's Born Slippy and it it hard to find another one in the sequel. Director Danny Boyle decided for Edinburghs hip-hop band Young Fathers. And it wasn't a bad decision. Not the same class as Born Slippy but a forward pushing piece of hip-hop, gospel and industrial.

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The Swede hat gesagt…

Great tune. I love Young Fathers.