Montag, 23. Januar 2017

Jaki Liebezeit RIP

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The year starts as it ended in 2016. It seems that all our heroes of times long gone by will pass away one by one. Of course it is the rule of nature but with every loss we have a few things will pass away with them. Jaki Liebezeit was known as a founding member of Can, probably the most important Krautrock band ever. His name is also in close context to NEU! and also on the first record of Zeltinger (a German punk/rock band from the mid 80's), Brian Eno and many others. He played the drums like no one else before. Mostly monotone but always close to the rhythm of the band he played in. One more great artist passed away.

Rest in peace, Jaki.

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Echorich hat gesagt…

So very sad to hear of Jaki's passing...Can was most certainly the most important Krautrock band, if not the most important band of any genre to come from Germany. Liebezeit brought his freeform jazz background to Can and it gave their more psychedelic excursions a funky/jjazzy feel. As a master of the Motorik beat, none could come close.
Snake Charmer, his collaboration with Jah Wobble and The Edge is an unsung 80's classic in my mind. His work with Sylvian and Czukay, Depeche Mode and Burnt Friedman kept him contemporary and on the cutting edge.