Donnerstag, 6. Februar 2020

Video Killed The Radio Star

Bildergebnis für joy division atmosphere

Back in the very early 80's the music industry detected music videos as a chance to promote new music. In the early times the companies spent a lot of money for the budgets to produce videos. It was very new to us to see our beloved artist in a different style. Many of them were mass products but sometimes the art directors found a form to transfer the spirit of the music into a video-clip. During the last weeks I found a lot of old clips and I was astonished how cool and radical they were - and most of them sink into the sound. One of those was Atmosphere by Joy Division. It was directed by Anton Corbijn, who later directed the Ian Curtis biopic Control, and shown characters wearing black-hooded cloaks and white burial shrouds alongside a beach. Each time I listen to this song I see the video behind my eyes.

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