Mittwoch, 19. Februar 2020

Strangulation Day

Bildergebnis für toy band

Still feel very sad about the sudden loss of Andrew Weatherall whose music I listened the most of the day. But I had to decide to stop blogging or walk to road I stave in. So I continue the themes I planed for the next days. Brighton's Toy released an EP a few days ago with previously unreleased songs. Toy are a band you can agree to or you leave it. For me it is a band I follow during several years and these songs are in the tradition of their earlier releases. Strangulation Day is just another song in the tradition of Join The Dots, their second album and have ingredients of prog, krautrock and a bit of shoegaze. Always a pleasure listening to them.

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drew hat gesagt…

I still haven't gotten round to really listening to last year's album. Put it on when I first got it then I sort of forgot about it.