Samstag, 19. Januar 2019

Ever Impending Doom

Bildergebnis für hermann red dust

The first full week of work after my hiatus is done and it happened what I suspected. My colleague left my a lot of work to that he should be done by him. So I had a few days of almost ten hours working days and came home leached out often and wanted nothing more but to recreate and listen to some music or watching TV. and hadn't the power to work on the blog. Now the backlog is worked off and from the next week on my work is regulated and it will work in the way it used to be. While recreating with music I remembered a record that I forgot to put on my list of records from last year. I can't explain why I forgot Spiritflesh's self titled record from last year. I featured the best song nearly three month ago on the Monday's Long Song series. The album is the latest release of Bristol's artists October and Borai. A dark and rhythmic excursion into atmospheric House and Dancefloor. Someone wrote about this album:

A slow-marching dread of bassweight pressure collides with the cloying grit of distortion, lurid effects processing and heavy synths. There's no explicit theme to the record but it comes on like a sonic depiction of the mystery, beauty and panic of an ill-fated expedition in an imagined tropics.

Spiritflesh - Ever Impending Doom


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