Dienstag, 8. Mai 2018

One Song Sung By Many

Bildergebnis für deportees

I was listening to Deporotee an old song by Woodie Guthrie the recent days and I was astonished how many artistes covered this song. Every version is great by itself and it makes me thinking that a good song cannot be destroyed by everyone. A story about underpaid workers brought back to their native country and died by an aircrash. Just another story about no named people died for working for our own prosperity. And when we listen to this song we have to watch what happens to borrowed workers from Eastern Europe. This song is as important as it was when it was released ages ago. This are the results of my investigations about this song. It is for your pleasure and enjoyment.

2 Kommentare:

Unknown hat gesagt…

My favourite version of "Deportees" is the acapella version by Sweet Honey In The Rock. Breathtakingly beautiful.

The Swede hat gesagt…

Bob & Joanie performed a great version too.