Samstag, 24. März 2018


Bildergebnis für kirchheim unter teck innenstadt

My in-box is filled with promo material from new artists and I am not able to listen to all. Mostly I delete them mails without reading the text. But sometimes the headlines drew my interest. So it was when I first read the name of the band Trajano! Without having expected a notion what will come up I read the words of the promo text. It was about a band from Madrid, Spain and their sound is based on the post-punk era. So I gave them a chance and was surprised. A real guitar inspired sound that could have been published in the early 80's. The band must be on the scene for several years and you can hear that they know how to treat their instruments. Sometimes a bit of over-produced but finally not the worst new thing I heard this year. I have no idea what they are singing about because they do it in their mother's tongue but it doesn't bother these songs.

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