Dienstag, 20. März 2018

To Damascus

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I featured Sylvia Juncosa many months ago at this place because she was one of those forgotten American punk and metal guitarists that got a little famous when they signed to SST-records. Her first real band was To Damascus and they were active in the early 80's and I didn't remembered them until a friend sent me some ripped songs by them the other days. To Damascus were a band playing their very own sound of punk in these days. Very rough, raw and direct to the audience. After this chapter Sylvia turned into SST with better arranged songs but these origins showed us the real power of new music.

This is a picture from my hometown made in the late 50's and I will introduce you more the next weeks. Hope you enjoy these songs of a upcoming new music.

To Damascus - In The Rising Heat
To Damascus - Soul Arch
To Damascus - Tomorrow
To Damascus - Words Carried Out

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