Freitag, 16. März 2018

Pale Green Ghosts

Bildergebnis für john grant

John Grant announced that he will release his new album the next days. I only heard a few songs from this record and it sounds really electric and didn't hooked me listening to this songs by the first times. So I took the chance to go back to his album Pale Green Ghosts from 2013. It was a record I still listen from time to time and can enjoy always. It is this kind of record that was underrated and only less people could see the beauty in it. Almost classic songs, recorded with musicians from Island and guest vocals by Sinéad O'Connor in a slowed down tempo. If  you don't know him - give him a chance and I am sure you won't be disappointed when you got a feeling for classic song writing.

John Grant - It doesn't matter to him
John Grant - Vietnam

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