Samstag, 17. März 2018

Do You Remember

Bildergebnis für anne clark

It is 35 years ago that English poet, spoken-word artist Anne Clark appeared on the scene and it was the first time spoken words were big at our place. Many people translated her poems into German language and were surprised about what she said. After all these years it is nothing at all but the way she performed her lyrics was awesome these days. Bit of avant-garde and probably the first one that tied her words to electronic sounds made her new and unique. In these days I went to see her live and it was one of these gigs I went after half an hour because her words came from a playback tape. From this times on I stopped listening to her until now I got into a mood to listen to their songs again after ages. Without this experience I would like her songs more than now. Afterwards I turned more into another spoken words artists like Laurie Anderson.

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