Sonntag, 20. August 2017

Beautifully Unconventional

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My Love Is Cool by Wolf Alice was one of the best records in 2015 and played often at my home. Now they announce that their second record will be released next month and they gave us a little appetizer with their new single Beautifully Unconventional. Probably the album will be a surprising mix of various genres. Here Wolf Alice celebrates a 60's girl-group inspired funky blues-rock thing over only 2:16 minutes. Fantastic.

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TheRobster hat gesagt…

Going to see them with MrsRobster and TheMadster tomorrow night. They're doing a tour of really small venues and are playing a tiny arts centre in the Welsh valleys. Tickets were difficult to obtain but I persevered as it's TheMadster's birthday and didn't want to disappoint her. And of course, I can't buy gig tickets without grabbing a couple for myself and the wife, can I?

Saw Wolf Alice at a tiny venue just a week or so before they released their debut album. Very, very good indeed. Reckon tomorrow night will be just as much fun.

Walter hat gesagt…

No you can't Robster. Enjoy the concert and make TheMadster a great day.