Mittwoch, 16. August 2017

Another Garage Sound

Keb Darge

While listening to Drew's yesterday post I thought by myself that I didn't posted any garage sound for a very long time. Thinking which songs I could post it came to my mind that I got he news that there was a compilation was released with a lot of nuggets from the 60's garage, psychedelic and punk from across the Atlantic ocean. Compiled by Keb Darge, a Scottish DJ and music producer  in the genres of Northern Soul and Rockabilly I don't have the record yet so here are some appetizers from youtube.

Ty Wagner is a 1945 born guitar player from Buffalo, NY. He played his lifetime in several bands touring the USA but got no bigger success than as a local hero.

From The Nobles I can't tell anything only that they had appearances on samplers like Back From The Grave

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