Dienstag, 25. Juli 2017

The Maifeld Derby Diaries 2017 Day 3

Bildergebnis für maifeldderby 2017

After two days of inspiration in new music the festival turned into the last day. We all were lucky that the weather gave us a perfect background for an open air festival. The forecast told us that this will be dry as the days before but the degrees will rise up to 35 degrees celcius. Never the less we went soon after lunch time for the first artists to listen to.

First band today was Mitski, lead by Mitski Miyawaki from New York. Playing their very own kind of indie music. Just between collage rock and pure indie. Lead by a great bass and unique guitar licks they persuaded me. A great and underrated band that works live as well as on the album. Real good hymns combined with their energy of playing live makes them worth listening to still.

After listening to Whitney, another folk inspired band from the US (they weren't bad at all but at will to me, because I don't remember any song of them) the first highlight of today entered the main stage. It was the Thurston Moore Group playing songs from their latest album added with classics by Sonic Youth. I never had the chance to see Sonic Youth before the more I was impressed about playing his guitar. Since know I know actually why TM was named as one of the best guitar players of all time. He made his solos not for himself like many others, they were more a substantial piece of the songs. Happy enough watching him live we took a rest in the shade to sit down and run away from the shadeless stages to watch a so called Fuck up night. We both had no idea what will happen to us but we were surprised about the general aim of this show. It means nothing more or less that a few people talk about their mistakes in (business) life and how they survived and giving the audience the possibility to learn about their mistakes. Weird experience for me.

The next artist to was a new experience to me. I knew Edward Ka-Spel as the leading member of the early 80's Legendary Pink Dots, which played a unique mixture of psychedelic inspired, art-rock and folk. Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls was a huge fan of LPD and a few years ago they started a collaboration. Finally they created a dark and slow sound with psychedelic and folk ingredients of Ka-Spels's background and Palmers music influenced by Bauhaus, The Cure and Robyn Hitchcock. Not the music for everyone but for me they took me to an one hour trip into another kind of music,

Next artist was Primal Scream and Bobbie Gillespie and I don't have to tell anyone of you about them. It was 70 minutes of pure fun. Playing the best from their last year's record Chaosmosis and a lot of songs they released during the last decades. Nothing more than fun.

The last band on the festival was one of those who gave us one of the best records in this year so far. Slowdive played a fantastic set as far as I could see (I had to leave after 50 minutes to catch my train home). Known as a shoe gazing legend they were more to me because they got the balance between Pink Floyd influenced music with the best of post-punk. Timeless music for almost every one which is involved in the named genres.

Thank you and see you next year.

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Quite a lineup, Walter. Sounds like a perfect day.