Sonntag, 9. Juli 2017

Bildergebnis für flipper tv series

It is not easy to get my attention on new records when tons of new bands appear on the scene. One of them made me to investigate because they brought back memories of my early childhood. Probably some of you can  still remember the TV series Flipper back in the 60's when Sandy had a great friendship to a dolphin called Flipper. Flipper was the pet of Porter Ricks a Chief Warden of a sea park in Southern Florida. Some might call this the series the nautic Lassie but for me it was great fun watching the series every week. I got the news that a band called Porter Ricks released a new record. I thought by myself this could be worth further investigations. What I found was that this is a band long existing dub-techno project by Thomas Köner and Andy Mellwig. They returned after more than a decade of absence with their new album Anguilla Electrica. Mellwig and Köner have taken a typical techno framework, adding drums, snares and claps on every beat and finished with a lots of echoes. Their dub techno stamped by artists like Aphex Twin, who has the same quality working with repetitive elements. Not the sound you like from the first time you listen to but the more you listen the more you can enjoy.

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