Mittwoch, 5. Juli 2017

The Ghost And The Host

Bildergebnis für eddy merckx

If anyone remembers Deerhunter a band formed in Atlanta, Georgia, more than 15 years ago you might remember their drummer and and maestro for sound Moses Archuleta as well. They called their sound as ambient punk and that's totally correct. Mixing noise with ambient, garage rock, krautrock  and some pop they were very different in these days. They didn't made it great but their records are still worth to listen sometimes to them. They were forgotten like many others and the more I was surprised to hear that Moses Archuleta released a new album under the name of Moon Diagrams. It is a record that sounds far away of mainstream. It is not rock, not techno, not ambient - it is a very unique mixture of all. The main song is a 14 minute long trip of an animated instrumental which features massive percussive textures and rhythms in addition. You might describe it as a low-fi house track - I name it an excursion into space.

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