Sonntag, 2. Juli 2017

How The West Was Won

Bildergebnis für peter perrett

The post's title has nothing to do with the REM and their song with the same title. It's more about history and present times. Most of you will know The Only Ones, one of the first bands that worked on the musical field of pub rock, power pop and punk. Their song Another Girl, Another Planet is still heard in my house. So I was surprised that Peter Perrett, former singer by The Only Ones, announced his first solo album after more than 35 years after the band disbanded. Back from his days in the twilight of heroin and crack he surprised me with this song. A sweet Jane-like riff decorated with a ghostly slide guitar opens the song and then Perrett sings with his nasal Souuh London drawl. He didn't lost his cynicism when these words come out The Indians and the Mexicans are the first to feel the rope. One of the best new songs during the last weeks.

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The Swede hat gesagt…

I got the LP this week Walter - it's absolutely fantastic and highly recommended.

Anonym hat gesagt…

I saw this somewhere else a few weeks back and thought then that it was one of the best things I'd heard all year. I haven't changed my mind. And thanks to The Swede for the heads-up round the album.