Freitag, 1. Juli 2016

Congrats Wales

Bildergebnis für wales belgien uefa euro 2016

The game between Wales and Belgium just ended and I am so happy that Wales reached the semi final of the UEFA Euro 2016. It was a very interesting game to watch and it was more than earned that Wales won this game. I supposed before that Wales would win because they are a TEAM, playing with hope in their hearts and I am looking forward to the next game. Hope they kick out Portugal and fucking CR7. Anyway, watching the games of Wales were the greatest fun in this tournament (except Iceland of course).

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TheRobster hat gesagt…

You nailed it by saying Wales are a TEAM. Everyone said before the tournament that they were a one-man team, that Bale carried Wales to the tournament single-handedly. What they've done is show how every player that wears that red shirt is equally as important as each other. They've grown as the tournament has gone on and now really - REALLY - look like they can win it.

In 1992, Denmark surprised the world by winning the Euros. In 2004, Greece surprised the world by winning the Euros. In 2016...??? There's a pattern emerging?

Wales vs Iceland final, anyone?

drew hat gesagt…

Wouldn't bet against that Robster. It must feel great to be Welsh this morning, sadly as a Scot I will never get close to that feeling through football.