Freitag, 15. Juli 2016

Who's Afraid Of The 80's? Pt 3

Bildergebnis für kurt russell snake plissken

Listening to this almost 40 years old record memories came back to these days. This record was unique to these days. Seldom had a record that gave me an overview of what music could be. It was a bunch of styles all over genres and made me searching for more of this.

It was the first time I listened to electronic music and it was far away of my musical favourites. Human League introduced me to what electronic music could be. Using simple chords and adding hypnotic hooks they made a classic song and they had to match this with their later songs.

Human League - Empire State Human

This record brought me also to bands playing classic rock. I loved them from this song on, bought the older vinyls of their first band Kursaal Flyers and their later albums. They got little success with Starry Eyes a few years later. I still remember them as one of the best and forgotten pub rock bands.

The Records - Girl

There were a few classic and almost perfect pop songs on this record. One of them was by Cowboys International an almost forgotten band which never made a big success. Their first full length record The Original Sin is still a classic in late 70's British pop movement. Later lead singer Ken Lockie appeared as a background singer by the early Simple Minds.

cowboys international - aftermath von ShaniquaOsburn

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