Montag, 14. März 2016

Psyche, Psyche And Psyche Again

Bildergebnis für desert mountain tribe

During the last month more and more bands appear on  the scene playing their very own interpretation of classic psyche rock. A lot of them made remarkable albums and I ask myself the question: are the following a trend or do they really love this kind of music? For the most of those new bands I listened to I would say this is the music they wanted to play right now. It's not easy to the survey of all those new bands but Desert Mountain Tribe impressed me much. It's a three piece band from Croydon and Cologne knowing how to use feed-backing guitars, loops and thundering drums to make a great song. That might be the reason why Toy asked them for supporting them. Desert Mountain Tribe have drafted one of the finest debuts in Either That Or The Moon so far. So why stop at the moon - go on to the next galaxy.

Desert Mountain Tribe - Feel The Light
Desert Mountain Tribe - Take A Ride
Desert Mountain Tribe - Runaway


The Swede hat gesagt…

I can totally understand why Toy picked up on these guys. There are few better musical combinations than a really good three piece. Excellent.

Walter hat gesagt…

Thank you that you enjoyed this new band, Swede