Donnerstag, 3. März 2016

Live Music In German TV

Bildergebnis für pogues

Back in 1985 some British musicians brought Irish music into punk and New Wave. One of the first one's were The Pogues that gave us Germans the sound of new Irish based music. Before we knew this traditional music by The Dubliners played in traditional style. But Shane MacGowan gave us all a new view how folk-punk could work. Me and my oldest brother had at all times a hidden grade to Irish music and so we went to their gig in a club in Stuttgart that is now closed for a few decades. We were both amazed about the physical presence and the fun the band had playing the gig. It was on the tour they promoted their first record and we saw them a few times after. Later they wrote better songs but the first time we saw them was incredible. Never saw them playing with such a verve and enthusiasm. This live document is from this tour and was recorded in Munich in a smaller club by Bavarian TV which had a very good choice in music in these days.

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