Sonntag, 17. Juli 2022



The other day I heard Emily by C Turtle for the first time and since then this song came back for several times. It is just a short work on semi-acoustic guitar with sparkling chords. A wonderful sound for a hot day in July. The internet couldn't give me more information that C Turtle is the stage name by Cole Flynn Qurike a London based photographer from Brighton. But it seems that he released various records during the last years.

On his latest EP This Is Not Karate he gave us some more relaxed and longer songs that reminds me to J.J. Cale and worth to be listened.

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JC hat gesagt…

Walter, I love how much you stay on top of new and emerging music. I just can't find the time or energy....far too much great old music that I find myself wanting to go back to time after time.