Montag, 13. September 2021

Monday's Long Song


In these days I don't find the time to continue my blog with regular posts. On one hand because I my office treat me with multiple orders to finish quickly and further educations for workers' council and on the other hand I have less inspirations for regular postings. But I still try to come back to an everyday post. The only series I try to keep alive is our Monday's series. This one is from my Kungens Män, Stockholm's maybe greatest psychedelic band. I love their guitar sound and their long jams that take me to a place in space where I can relax. This one is from Trappmusic their latest album from 2020 and different to many other releases by them. Their sound is softer than on other albums and moves towards a chill out music or late 60's drug inspired releases. For me one of those albums that grows the more you listen to it. 

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Swiss Adam hat gesagt…

Good band, good choice.