Sonntag, 4. Oktober 2020

Blue Hearts

Bob Mould is back with his new album Blue Hearts. 14 songs with one exception all und trhee minutes and sometimes it seems to my it is like a lost Hüsker Dü record. As expected, the guitar was dominated and pushes the songs forward. And Mould is still a close observer of what is happening in the world. What he see is making him angry and he find the right words in American Crisis :

I never thought I's see this bullshit again/To come of age in the Eighties was bad enough/We were marginalized and demonized/I watched a lot of my generation die/Wake up every day to see a nation in flames/We click and we tweet and we spread these tales of blame/Here's the newest American crisis

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TheRobster hat gesagt…

It is a very good album, Walter. Very angry and loud in places, but as ever, very melodic too. You're right in comparing it to some of his Husker Du work. It's probably his best solo album in quite a few years.