Mittwoch, 7. Oktober 2020

A Brief History Of Hamburg School Part 2


The second wave of Hamburg school presented new bands developing the original guitar based indie sound. Sometimes they changed their crudeness for a more melodic style. But still using cryptic lyrics that are hard to understand what they want to explain. First of those bands named should be Die Sterne. I remember when some of their funk and soul influenced songs were part of the sound of a summer in the early 90's.

Die Sterne - Widerschein

Tocotronic were those band that brought post-grunge like Dinosaur Jr. into this genre. Over the years they established as pioneers of Hamburg school. I liked them and I also was impressed by their live appearances. 

Tocotronic - Kapitulation

Tom Liwa and Flowerpornoes brought melancholia into this guitar based sound. Formed in Duisburg in 1985 they sung on their first albums in English and started years later after they moved to Hamburg singing in their native language. Their musical cosmos spreads from psychedelia, alternative rock to folk. 

Flowerpornoes - Planetenkind

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