Freitag, 17. Februar 2017

Red Hot And Rhapsody

Bildergebnis für george gershwin

Strange sounds today - I know. Rummaging in my record collection brought me these days to a compilation by the Red Hot Organisation released almost 20 years ago. I bought a few of this records thinking it will be for the benefit of something worth to support. I liked this series because all artists get close to the main theme and give songs you might never heard on official records. This compilation is a tribute to George Gershwin, a piano player and orchestral composer from the early days of the last century. He wrote the music to a lots of musicals and got famous for the music to Porgy and Bess. This songs are not for listening during the daytime - they are something special for later at the evening. These songs are superb and if you're in for some great arrangements and voices it will be something for you.

Have a great weekend (I will go to watch the far-away game of my team early this evening in the pub next door, hoping that they will still be at the top of the table after they did their job).

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FurryBootsCityBoy hat gesagt…

I vaguely recall this album. There was a set of them released to raise awareness of AIDS/HIV. I bought one called "Red Hot + Blue" and another titled Red Hot + Country" in the early 1990's.