Mittwoch, 8. Februar 2017


Bildergebnis für priests band

After two weeks of inauguration of the main disaster in the western world there is some rumour in the public scene. All over Europe a lot of people rise up against the decrees of Mr. Trump (still too less in my opinion). And it makes me smile, that there are people across the ocean that think in my way about what is going on (wrong) in these days. Priests are a new band from Washington D.C. and they stand in the tradition of punk/new wave. It is probably the best band I heard this year so far. They unite classic punk with a kind of surf-rock, Sonic Youth, Raincoats and early Sleater Kinney. This combination is not the worst at all. Maybe the sound a lot of folks can agree with.

3 Kommentare:

The Swede hat gesagt…

These guys are good Walter - great find.

Rol hat gesagt…

Three strong tunes. I added this band to my wish list. Thanks.

Echorich hat gesagt…

Yes! Thank you!! someone else has found Priests!!! I was considering a post on them as I am in awe of their new album, Nothing Feels Natural. Their Punk/Post Punk influences have served them well.