Mittwoch, 22. Juni 2016

Panjabi Wine

Bildergebnis für vintage soccer

A few days ago I sat together with my former wife for glass of red whine together talking about this and that. During the conversation we arrived at music and I asked her if there is a club scene in Sri Lanka. She told me that in the capitol is something similar to what we know as a club scene. She lived down south in the country where the beach bars playing reggae all day long but DJ's becoming more and more these days. Not only playing song by song they are into mixing the sound to something new and special. I know these from various times I spent my days off at her place. Then  she asked me if there was any influence of India music nowadays since Brimful of Asha. I had to say no - only sometimes you'll find a piece of music with influences like that. Then we listened to a song I found. It's from a DJ named BrainDeaD and I couldn't find more informations about him. Probably he is from London but anyway a nice tune.

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I liked that Walter - duly downloaded