Montag, 20. Juni 2016

A Guy From Outer Space

Bildergebnis für klaus nomi

Back then in the early 80's me and a couple of lads were DJ-ing at the weekend in our local pub. We all had different musical preferences but we all were maniacs in music and football. Most of us still meet every couple of month for a beer to celebrate our glory days. Wolfgang was the one who preferd the jazzy side, me and Chris were on the punk and New Wave trip and Peter, who was a huge Zappa fan surprised us with strange African sounds and music from the New York No Wave scene (he sadly died on an motorcycle accident almost ten years ago). He was the one who brought us Klaus Nomi. Listening the first time to his songs we all were uncomprehending to this sound because we were never trained in listening to operas. Nomi combined his classical opera based tenor voice with new electronic sounds. Listening more and more of his music we got more addicted to him and most of us had one song on our set-list. Sadly he was one of the first that brought AIDS and what could happen to our minds. I found a very good reminiscence to his life and work here. Knowing that it's not everybody's cup of tea I would like to introduce him to you (if you don't know him) because his combination of Sparks and opera had a great influence to band from the next generation in America.

This one is a cover by a song from Marlene Dietrich:

Here's a rare document when Nomi were a background singer on a live appearance by David Bowie at Saturday Night Live from 1979.

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