Mittwoch, 28. Oktober 2015

Whole Wide World

Since a couple of weeks I have a contract in a local gym to do something for my old bones and body. Never thought that it could make fun to do the exercise course. It's a good feeling to take a shower after workout. A few days ago this song shuffled on my mobile phone when I sat on the bicycle ergometer in the gym. I'm sure most of you know this song by Wreckless Eric thinking his version is the final one. I don't know where I got this file/version from, neither were or when it was recorded but for me it on the same level. Massive guitars playing the chords, the drums make a perfect beat and Mr. Costello sing the verses with his very special voice.

Elvis Costello - Whole Wide World

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Brian hat gesagt…

Hi Walter. I think Costello performed this one while on the Live Stiffs tour in '77. Wreckless Eric was on the bill as well, and the all-star lineup would play each other's songs. One of my favorites.