Freitag, 30. Oktober 2015

What Do I get?

Yesterday I was out with my former wife into some pubs we used to frequent often. We met a lot of people we used to stay with them for a longer/less time during the last decades. It was funny to talk to them after a few years and we had a real good time. When I came home I had a little blues and I played myself a couple of songs from decades long gone by. I don't know why but I was in the mood to listen to Fehlfarben a band from the late 70s that mean a lot to me. They made maybe the definitive sound of the German punk/new wave. Inspired by the British groups in this era they were heroes to us  because they formulated what we thought (I hope Dirk will agree). Paul ist tod is the main statement for our generation.

What I want to have I do not agree and what I cannot get like to me. I would like to get what I to what I am dreaming of.

It's reduced to a pinball game. Paul means that you play pinball with two persons, one on the right and one on the left. And finally it means, that playing together is over right now.

Fehlfarben - Paul ist tod (Paul is dead)


Martin Feldkircher hat gesagt…

Danke Walter. Ich hatte mich immer schon gefragt wer Paul eigentlich ist. Interessante Interpretation. Ich habe mal kurz gegoogelt und das hier gefunden.
Auch ein interessante Sichtweise. Vielleicht interessiert sie dich.

Anyway, classic. Thanks for reminding me to that great great song.

Walter hat gesagt…

Auch eine interessante Interpretation von Paul - Danke Martin.

Brian hat gesagt…

Be well, Walter. Hope the music was the elixir you needed.