Montag, 12. Oktober 2015


Yesterday The Swede featured the superb low-fi songs of Birds of Hell that made me remind to another artist that was close to this kind of music. Billy Childish is one of these artists that plays his kind of music for long long years. Making less compromises in his way of music. Listening to Birds of Hell I came back to a collaboration Billy Childish did a few years ago with Holly Golightly. It's good to hear these songs again and not a too bad start into the new week.

And this is another song by Holly that I've almost forgotten.


The Swede hat gesagt…

Billy Childish is one of those artists whose body of work is so overwhelmingly large that it makes me almost scared to dip my toe in too far! I have a few things by him, Marc Riley regularly features him on his 6Music radio show and I like all I've heard a great deal, including 'In Blood'. Perhaps I should take the plunge and investigate further!

Swiss Adam hat gesagt…

You won't regret it Swede.